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spryfox's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 2 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 20 Points

Labyrinth: SoS

Daft Punk Unlocked 2/24/14
10 Points
Get the Strongest Armor Helmet
Reptile Ransack Unlocked 2/24/14
10 Points
Beat the Boss
Acid Drop 10 Points Lure an enemy into an acid pool
Ammo Ambush 10 Points Reach 99 Ammo
Breaking and Entering 10 Points Break into a Boss Battle without Destroying all the Orbs First
Power Presence 25 Points Collect all 7 Permanent Upgrades in One Game
Sky Commander 25 Points Get the wings
Lucky 13 50 Points Reach Level 13

Medals Earned: 2/8 (20/150 points)